Hayun’s going away party and lab lunch (12/2/18 and 12/5/18)

Hayun’s defense celebration (11/12/18)

Courtney and Justin graduation/going away (5/3/18 and 6/9/18)

Courtney’s defense/exit seminar celebration (4/12/18)

Chaoyou's graduation (12/15/17)

Chaoyou's defense celebration (10/10/17)

CRISPR meeting Big Sky, Montana (6/8-11/17)

Dipa, Chaoyou, Hayun and Karthik attended the annual CRISPR meeting, including a trip to Yellowstone

Graduation/going-away party (5/10/17)

Joint lab party for outgoing Underbakke and Sashital lab undergraduates



Surprise Cake for Dipa's Birthday (2/27/17)




Underbakke/Sashital Lab Party (1/8/17)

Joint lab party to celebrate the New Year!


Lab Move (7/26/16)

Leaving 3278 MBB

Moving to 3232 MBB


Surprise birthday cake for Dipa (2/25/16)

Lab trip to Pioneer (8/21/15)

Lab photo (2/19/15)

Early lab photos (12/22/13)